Jewelry examples

Sometimes it's so hard to choose... Let me offer you something special, something what is made just for you! I will be happy to make jewelry in your favourite color and design, from supplies which are the best for you.

Here you can see some of my latest crafts. Im glad to say that all of this already have owners! If you find here something what you would love for yourself, you are very welcome to contact me. Remember that all of my works is one of a kind! I can make something very similar to you, but not the same. :) Please think about details, which are important for me to know before I accept your custom order!

  • Size
  • Color
  • Stones
  • Color of metal details
  • Recomended fulfillment time (plus shipping time)


Butterfly brooches

Dragonfly brooches

Bird brooches

Pet brooches

Animal brooches

Abstract brooches and cameos

Tasty brooches



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